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Erik van Tilburg

Certified Respiratory Therapist

and Access Bars practitioner

Ever since his early years, from 1996 Erik enjoys working with people. In groups and individually. Inspiring, motivating and where necessary confrontational. In a very natural, self-evident way, he already stood for various groups of athletes about 32 years ago after obtaining his MDGO – CIOS training. As a young semi-pro from Helmond Sport and Roda JC, the physical football game was his ultimate outlet.

After rupturing his cruciate ligaments, he chose to remain in the people's work. With his study Social Agogic Work he gave the best of himself to clients in crisis relief and various work rehabilitation projects. After 14 years of all-round guidance, including an intense management function, a personal low point ensures an inevitable introduction to the breath. A life changing experience. The power of the breath turned out to be the key to change for Erik himself.  Focused breathwork was clearly many times more direct and effective than any talking model up to that point.

From the summer of 2008 Erik sets a new course with the breath as a tool. He becomes a tour guide in Uganda and during that period explores the beautiful nature and sun, beach and sea of East Africa in complete freedom. Tour guide is still people work and group dynamics, but in complete freedom, a beautiful environment and virtually without protocol.

After his first Vipassana Insight Meditation retreat at the end of 2008 and then graduating as a breathing coach, Erik decides to independently use all the acquired knowledge to guide people with something that can actually contribute and renew your path.


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