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Tension Release Yoga

Anne-Marie van Tilburg

Certified Respiratory Therapist masseuse and Yoga Instructor

I have been working as a certified respiratory therapist and yoga instructor since 2008. It was natural for me to start working as a body worker in 2001 after training as a medical assistant. I wanted to develop further than what was offered in regular care. Everything is movement and everything is 1. That is what I believe in through my own experience and reading a lot about this matter. This started in 2001 with a sports massage course. Everything in the body is 1 and everything works together. After losing my mother to cancer in 2004 and seeing her struggle, pain and sadness, it has become even clearer. For me, massage is a loving touch that, after years of courses and experience, has a healing effect on both body and mind. I work with a lot of knowledge of the body as well as the meridians and energies in and around the body. My clear feeling ability helps me with this. In 2008 I expanded all this with training as a respiratory therapist. In 2014, Kundalini yoga, pre- and postnatal care and yoga were added. Due to my own experience and passion for dance, I have developed Tension Release yoga and Dynamic Breath dance in addition to my training. In 2021, I specialized in the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, known from the Waldorf Institute, during a training course as a specialized pedagogical employee. ​ I like working with women and children. Women often keep at least 5 proverbial balls up in the air and many find it difficult to transfer this to others. For me, motherhood is the greatest life lesson that I have faced in my life so far, with beautiful, loving moments but also very intense challenges to stay true to myself, practice my patience and stay balanced in the times we are in now. to live. I like to share all this with others so that we can continue to learn from and with each other and dare to let go of some "balls".

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