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Breathwork Institute


Ockelbo Breathwork Institute

What and where?


We live in Sweden since Feb 2022 in a beautiful village of Kolforsen within Ockelbo kommun.

It is a short 15-minute drive from Ockelbo town center and 40 minutes from Gävle. We are surrounded by 31 amazing nature reserves and a lot of lakes. Within 25 minutes we drive to Norrsundet, Gåsholma and Axmar bruk by the sea. What a relief.

Ockelbo is very easy to reach by train from Airport Arlanda Stockholm. After a two-hour flight, you arrive at our picturesque little station within an hour and a half, past beautiful pine forests and countless, vast lakes. Some 2,800 people live in Ockelbo.

Here we can focus on what we love most. That is personal growth and spiritual work as we offer with yoga classes and breath sessions, among others. We both now work at a very powerful viking-vibe location called We Trädgårdar. With her Mother Sveas Yoga Skolan, Anne-Marie teaches Tension release yoga classes several times a week. Erik teaches monthly breath circle and individual breath sessions and access bars treatments.

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Healing breath work combined with touring time and a holiday feeling.

You can join us in the winter and summer seasons. For a private retreat if, for example, you need stillness and space, if you want to rest after a burn-out or if you want to go deeper with your partner or a dear friend or your son. Or just for a happy time-out or if you finally want to finish your book in peace. We can also put together a wonderful program for teams and group activities.

We make everything to measure and you book your own flight ticket to Stockholm. The possibilities to make it an unforgettable time are fantastic. These include nature walks, swimming, meditation, massages, access bars. You can go ice fishing with a campfire and barbeque. Or opt for an overnight stay in a log cabin, kayaking, out-door breathing sessions, cold dipping, mountain biking, private yoga classes or learn blacksmithing from our local black-smith Kent. And whether or not you want to finish in the "bustling Venice of the North" Stockholm is of course up to you.


What could a nice weekend or week with us in Ockelbo mean for you?

Välkommen till oss!

Erik and Anne-Marie

Our regular activities at the institute are:


- Tension Release Yoga (weekly)

- Pregnancy yoga and breathing guidance (on request)

- Healing breathing circle (monthly and individual)

- Dutch breath coach training (twice a year)

- Dip & Breath events (4 times a year)

- Relaxation massage and Access Bars (on request)


You can make a program proposal and request a price quote via: or WhatsApp and video call Erik +31654280164 first.

Erik van Tilburg
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