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We offer:

  1. Yoga: kundalini yoga, tension release yoga, pregnancy yoga.

  2. Dance: dynamic breath dance.

  3. Breath: improve daily breathing, light relaxing exercises.

  4. Massage/reiki: relaxation, cleansing and recovery of body and mind.

  5. Nutrition: cooking workshops and advice on healthy food for body and mind. Specialization in nutrition for pregnant women and women in the postnatal period.

  6. Retreat: women's circles where everything is combined. (Can also be booked on request.


Mother Svea

Mother Svea

Mother Svea is part of Ockelbo Breathwork Institute led by Anne-Marie van Tilburg-Smits in co-creation with others who would like to join her ideas and attitude to life.
We offer yoga, breathwork, massages, nutritional advice and pre and postnatal care and guidance. The care and guidance can be individual or in a group. What we offer can be adapted to your needs. This can vary from participating in our group lessons or a number of personal lessons and conversations to light relaxing yoga, breathing exercises and/or massages.

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