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Discover Your Breath

Studio Purana

A practice 'on the move'

Studio Purana can be moved mobile from 1 February 2019 and works at multiple locations. You can therefore visit workshops at various addresses in the country and, if desired, even at your home or work. Erik van Tilburg proudly calls himself an ' ambulatory breath worker ' and can make a significant contribution anywhere in the world. "Breath and energy work universally."

Breathe your heart out

The work within Studio Purana is honest, natural, pure, earthy, safe and without side effects. This applies to the active transforming and healing breathwork (breathpower) as well as to the soft, silent, soft clearing access bars sessions and the massages with warm oil aimed at deep relaxation.

Don't talk, Just Breathe and Move

Insomnia, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, burnout, stress and overstrain, trauma, high sensitivity, psychosis, fatigue, concentration problems or heart rhythm disorders? Unexplained complaints?

All problems that stop us and indicate that change is needed. Problems you can't solve with just talking.

If you change your breath, it has a direct positive influence on thoughts, emotions and physical sensations. Movement gives your brain information in a different way. Movement relaxes, regulates and improves your body sense or physical awareness. Moving is fun, as a child there was nothing you liked more.

MP3 audio met ademoefeningen
Breathe your
heart out


Two Wednesday evenings a month you can visit Studio Purana for THE MEN ADEMAVOND.

Two Thursday evenings a month for THE HEALING BREATHING CIRCLE.

In addition, Studio Purana offers various sessions both in the studio and at your home or work.

  • Individual breathing sessions actively clearing and changing

  • Access bars: space in your head. Soft clearing and deep relaxation

  • Men's breathing training: from Heart to Soft 4 week course

  • Breath Access package deal: a different perspective within five weeks

  • Company Breath support : vitality and breath support at work

  • Sport & Breath: talent coaching: sports experience and performance improvement

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the offer.


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Kolforsen 45B, 81693 Ockelbo, Zweden

Erik van Tilburg: (+31) 06-54280164

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