wo 06 jul.



Breath workshop Ockelbo WIJ GARDENS

Come and discover the power of your own respiratory system and breath in a two hour workshop. Will it be a life chancing experience for you, like it was for me?

Breath workshop Ockelbo WIJ GARDENS

Tijd & Locatie

06 jul. 19:00 – 21:30

Ockelbo, Wijberget 2, 816 30 Ockelbo, Zweden

Over de workshop

Experience the power of your own breath. This evening is mindblowing and gives you such a nice opening. The body will relax and the mind will become clear. We have to take good care for ourselves and the breath is a perfect tool to stay healthy. Come and try. Transformational. We start at KL 19.00 and have a nice and safe warming-up with different breath excersises. So natural, so pure. The evening will cost you 400 Kronor contant at the begining of the class. Valkommen. Erik van Tilburg Breathcoach. info@studiopurana.nl or whatsapp for questions and register +31654280164 

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